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Helen Sawyer Hogg was a Toronto astronomer who popularized the science for generations of Canadians. Her main area of research was globular clusters. In 1938 Dr. Sawyer Hogg took a series of plates of the cluster M14 that showed the presence of a nova that slowly brightened and faded over time. She taught at the University of Toronto, and was a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) for more than 60 years. She spurred public interest in a variety of ways: through lectures, newspaper columns, and later in her life, radio and television appearances. Her most popular book was The Stars Belong to Everyone, published in 1976.

As Dr. Sawyer Hogg knew, there are times to stargaze and times to sit back and read about the cosmos. For knowledge, you turn to classes, lectures, books, videos, charts — whatever it takes to answer the questions you have about the sky. My first interest in the sky was spurred by my dad, who took me out sometimes to see the stars. I clearly remember him taking me out and telling me about the Sputnik satellite that had been launched. From there, I found the sky in books — the old Time-Life series about the planets, for example. As the Space Age drew on and more pictures of the stars and planets made their way into popular media, I got hooked. When I started writing about space "stuff", books were the first place I turned. Self-education turned into a thirst for more knowledge, and in college I took as many astronomy and space science courses as I could fit into my schedule.

In the spirit of Helen Sawyer Hogg's love of the stars, I invite you to stargaze, read, and explore the cosmos in whatever way suits you best! You'll never regret coming to know the stars. This library and the reviews I've written here are provided in memory of a woman who did so much to encourage others to fall in love with the sky. The works I've referenced here are books I've read, music I've listened to, charts I've used, and optics through which I've seen the beauty of the night sky. In short, they're astronomical works for those who wish to fall in love with the sky. There are materials that can help beginners get started in astronomy, books of particular interest to the "more than amateur" skygazer, and others for the armchair astronomer.

Occasionally readers write to ask "Where can I get that book? What binoculars should I buy? Can you recommend software?" I can and will! The stacks of this library not only provide my thoughts on various books and products, but also give information you can use to search out and/or buy these things. I'm an avid Amazon shopper and have found over the years that they're pretty good to deal with. Simply click on the handy links provided — they'll take you right to the product's purchase page at

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