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Astronomy and Space Science-Related Sites

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Stuff here for astronomers at all levels, as well as materials of particular interest to educators.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Every day a new picture from space.

Comet Observations Home Page
A page for comet enthusiasts.

European Space Agency
See what the Europeans are up to!

The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
Visit with the astronomers on La Palma in the Canary Islands.

NASA Education for Students
Space exploration for the young astronaut in the family.

Loch Ness Productions
Planetarium shows, space music, and much, much more! We've been doing this for 25 years now!

The 9 Planets
An online tour of the solar system — very nice!

Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Website
The straight stuff on astronomy and astrophysics; debunking bad astronomy wherever he finds it.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum collections page
A fascinating look at the air and space collections in our nation's attic.

Space Telescope Science InstituteHome page for Hubble Space Telescope observations, images, background information and more.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
A massive and well-put-together site for everybody interested in space and astronomy. Images, lists, information!

Web*Stars and Stars*Family Database
An online database of astronomers, astronomy facilities, planetaria, publications, etc. Searchable.

Yahoo:Science:Astronomy Yahoo's Comprehensive Listing of Astronomy Sites. Searchable.

Links to Other Interesting, Educational, and Just Plain Fun Sites!
Not Necessarily Astronomy-Related Sites

Comprehensive Kids Directory resources.
A vast online resource of good links for parents and their little scholars to explore. I'm listed there under "astronomy."

The Darmok Dictionary
I once wrote a grad paper based on the use of metaphorical language in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Darmok." I wish this page had been available when I was doing the research. It's really impressive.

The Dilbert Zone
For Dilbert fans, wannabes and aren't-anymores. - The Comprehensive Kids Directory A Great Place to Explore and Learn!

The United States Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Features a newsletter about seismic activity on the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Law School at University of North Dakota
Why not have a law school listed? I almost decided to go to law school once...

Murphy's Laws
And speaking of laws... where would we be without these???

The Visible Human Project.
You've heard about it, now see it on the Web. Truly a cross-section of humanity.

The Wendy Carlos Online Information Source
This lady bills herself as The Original Synth. If you've got her albums in your collection, you'll know why! If you don't, get over to this site and get to know this musical phenomenon. This place is a font of wisdom about music, keyboard instruments, and eclipses!

More Miscellania

These can take you to some pretty amazing places. But don't take my word for it -- check 'em out. Happy Surfing!

Starting Point.
Every exploration on the Web has to have a starting point, right?

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Listed on Blogwise is a collection of blogs, sorted by country or category, and rated by the author of the page, a fellow in England named Sven. You could spend all day surfing through the thousands of fascinating sites Sven has listed here!

Online Shopping

Some of the best places online to shop for just about anything you want or need.

You can get just about anything you search for at One of my favorite online places to shop!

Science & specializes in art prints of astrophotos. They have some truly beautiful things in their online store. Check it out! publishes Sky & Telescope Magazine, and sells a fine collection of astronomy books, prints, and other products in their online store.

SkySkan, Inc. are producers of planetarium projection systems, special effects, and — if you're looking for a new or upgraded planetarium facility, these guys are the ones to call!

Looking for more links to astronomy and space-related companies or merchandise? Search this site or the web here!