Water World Earth: Understanding our Wet Planet

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Earth as a Planetary Science Topic When I travel, I often pay close attention to the geological landmarks in the regions I visit. I do this because I’ve always been fascinated by rock formations, mountain ranges, and how features form. If you’ve never studied geology, it’s a great science to … Continue reading

A New Book About the Future Exploration of Mars

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Your Future on Mars I’m in the middle of reading a new book about the exploration of Mars, written by my friend Leonard David. Specifically, he’s written about our future exploration and life on the Red Planet. It’s called Mars: Our Future on the Red Planet, and it’s a companion … Continue reading

Nobody Said Mars Was Easy

Schiaparelli Apparently Crash-lands on Mars After a successful orbital insertion of the ExoMars spacecraft and detachment of the Schiaparelli lander a few days ago, we were all waiting anxiously for news from the Schiaparelli lander after it settled onto the Mars surface. Alas, it was not to be. Communications from … Continue reading