Mars Mania, Part N

In an earlier entry I alluded to the fruit loops who come out of the woodwork whenever there’s an astronomy-related event that could be exploited for some sort of new-agey gain. Today on CNN I read that sooth-sayers around the world are claiming Mars’s influence on Earth means something bad will happen in America very soon. As the teen-agers like to say, “Wull duh… ”

Chances are with a prediction that broad, when tomorrow’s news from the U.S. comes on the TV, these mystic gurus will throw their hands up in glee and say, “See, I told you so… ” (with the unspoken line being: “now give me your money or your soul (or both)”). Well, you have to laugh — these folks have found a lovely way to get followers (and presumably money and fame and sex and whatever else it is they want) by exploiting naturally occurring events in the sky. It’s lovely work, but is it quite honest? Good question. Think about it the next time you’re out there looking at the stars…

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