4 comments on “Cautionary Words about NASA’s Future

  1. “I am hoping that a new administration and a morally courageous Congress and Senate can see their way clear to stop playing politics with NASA […]”

    I am hoping, too. I have confidence in the new administration, but I’m not so sure about the rest. We all have a responsibility to be more vocal, more demanding, that Congress and the Senate leave their personal agendas at the door and make those decisions that best address science.

    As harsh as Mr. Stern may sound, it is this very candor that best serves NASA right now, as one “failed” administration leaves and a new one steps in.

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  3. PirateJohn: The universe created that image. : )

    It’s the Horsehead Nebula (see credit in the credits at the bottom of the page). I did a little photoshopping to adjust the levels, but that’s it.

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