7 comments on “GOP Neutron Stars

  1. Well, but why would you expect something else? For quite a while now, the current gop leadership thinks that science spending is wasteful spending (recall the planetarium fiasco of several months ago).

  2. Yep, and my blog post about it (here, as well as those by Phil Plait and others) were among the most-read of that time. When these politicians get something wrong, they really get it wrong! I often wonder if any of them ever took and/or passed a science class in college? I’d even give ’em points if they took Rocks for Jocks or Physics for Poets. But, sadly, a number of them don’t seem to have even gone that far.

  3. What gives? You mean you couldn’t understand a simple principle, that he thought volcano monitoring and a myriad of other things might be OK, but should be handled in regular appropriations rather than a special stimulus bill? I thought that was clear when I heard him — but maybe you guys are too anxious to make political points to understand that. (Also maybe he could have been more explicit, but it was clear to me.)

  4. Evidently you didn’t read what I wrote, where I said these things should be handled as part of the regular budget. It seemed clear to me.

    Also, it’s a bit disingenuous of the GOP to be screeching about earmarks in a budget they cobbled together and put out there before Obama was ever in office. This budget has GOP handprints all over it. I think McCain is grandstanding, but in the process, he’s making the entire GOP look like the party of anti-science. Himself included. Perhaps he should be earmarking for programs that increase reading comprehension in schools.

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