3 comments on “Alien Planets, Human Minds

  1. Well… If they are less advanced than us we’ll exterminate them if their planet contains precious minerals or is prettier than Earth. Maybe not out of cruelty, but out of greed.

    These are hypothesis, of course, based on the way the Americans interacted with the Sioux and others, and on the way the Spanish interacted with the Incas.

    Or, our viruses will kill them if theirs do not kill us.

  2. Hey Carolyn, its my first time here, gr8 post though. The other day Hawkings [CCP’s note: His correct name is Dr. Stephen Hawking – no “s” at the end.]was advising us to stay clear of contacting aliens because they might be out to hunt down lesser beings. [CCP’s note: Oh really? Where did you see/read/hear this? Citations, please. ]This is ridiculous. There is a reasonable doubt that we might never find alien civilizations because they might have already migrated to exist in hyperspace. I found an interesting science article that suggests advanced aliens might have transited to multidimensional time-streams, read it here.


    [CCP’s note: interesting exercise in critical thinking… ]

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