3 comments on “Don’t Believe The Mars-Moon Story

  1. The last time I heard this mars as big as the moon story from a friend, I explained why the claim was ridiculous and convinced them it was like and urban myth.

    A few days later they missed a very spectacular lunar eclipse because they dismissed all reports about it – confusing predictions of a bloodred full moon with the myth of the moon-sized mars.

  2. Some years ago when this nonsense first came up a friend of mine asked me about it. I googled the topic and found an article, I forget where, that said “Mars will look as big as the full moon

    when viewed through a backyard telescope”

    It was formatted like that, with the qualification on a separate line. The website was roughly formatted and it would have been easy to miss the subsidiary line. I told my friend it was misreading of this report which gave rise to the idea.

  3. I can see where that might happen, but what SIZE backyard telescope would you have to have to make Mars look as big as the full Moon? I mean, I’ve observed it plenty using a 6″ with a variety of eyepieces, and Mars never looked as big as the Full Moon would look through the same telescope. There’s a LOT missing out of that original story — poorly written at best.

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