OMG, My Life is Ruined! My Astrological Sign is Wrong!

Astrology is Bunk

Oh wow.  Can we get a life for all those folks who are COMPLETELY up in arms because they just NOW found out something that astronomers and all other sensible people have known for centuries: that astrological signs do not line up with the constellations they purportedly represent. This story hit the news a few days ago, and you would think that the world was ending judging by the panicked reactions of those whose lives are measured by little boxes of BS that appear as “astrological advice” in newspapers and magazines.

Folks, astrology is bunk.  I said it up there.  And I’ll say it again. Astrology is bunk.  It doesn’t work. It is a parlor game, a shell game, a way for people who otherwise don’t have any visible means of support to take your money and pretend to tell your future, etc.  It has NO basis in science, in reality, and shouldn’t have any meaning for you other than as fascinating historical oddity dating back to the time when people were superstitious, ignorant of reality, and willing to believe anything… not like now, right?

oh…. wait…

Logic cleanup in aisle three, please!

If you want to know why astrology doesn’t work, let’s start with the fact that, yes, the astrological signs (made up by ancient shamans who had very little understanding of physical processes but who, even in prehistory, had found a way to make mystical BS pay) don’t line up with the constellations they’re supposedly named for.  That’s explained by an entirely measurable and predictable process called precession, which you can read about here (and the first paragraph explains it pretty well, along with the moving graphic).

Then, let’s move on to the often-ignored FACT that a planet moving through the solar system has NO effect on you at your birth or at any time during your life. Its gravity isn’t strong enough to do anything to you (and I have to wonder just how a planet’s gravitational pull would affect your ability to make love or money or win the lottery, but I digress).  A distant planet has NO mysterious powers to predict who you will marry, what your life’s work will be, how much money you’ll win in a game of chance, or any of the other stuff that astrologers claim it can do.  Ask an astrologer how they actually physically measure the powers of the planets in astrology. Then, laugh at the answer, because it won’t make any sense.

Fact is folks, astrology had a useful lifetime of a few centuries many centuries ago when folks didn’t understand the sky and believed in magical beings and fluffy unicorns and other things that we now know don’t exist now.  Astrologers’ study of the sky helped them create star charts, which are the only remaining link between the old outmoded magical beliefs and today’s modern scientific study of the universe called astronomy.

Astrology is a fantasy.  And fantasies have their place. But, in a useful, modern life, the fantasy of astrology should be just no more than a make-believe game. If you use it to predict your love life, your next raise, the stock market, or anything else, you’re living in a fantasy world of your own choosing, not reality.

If you want to know more about why astrology is not a serious science, please read the excellent article at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s website called Horoscopes Versus Telesscopes: A Focus on Astrology.

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2 Responses to OMG, My Life is Ruined! My Astrological Sign is Wrong!

  1. I refer you all to the famous Patrick Moore quote…

    “Astrology proves only one thing. There’s one born every minute”