2 comments on “Seeing the Light

  1. I enjoyed this article very much. Thanks for sharing your portion of the night sky and the unique event you chanced. Your photos are wonderful. We have been cloudy the last couple of nights and it was good to see those beautiful stars in your photos and the zodiacal light!

    My husband and I see the ISS in the summer (north Idaho, USA). We have satellite sighting contest, sometimes the neighbors join in, it’s a real backs woods geek fest! The ISS is one our favorites to track. One night we were lucky enough to see one of the shuttles chasing after the ISS for docking! Soon that particular event, orbiters chasing the ISS, will never be available of us to see again. It has been a good era.

    I like your website! Keep up the good work.
    From a fellow stargazer,

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