2 comments on “Comets Made Oceans???!?

  1. Do the numbers.

    Earth’s oceans cover 3/4 of the planet; they are (arm-waving madly) maybe two miles deep in average; that’s about 300 million cubic miles. Call it 400 million, as a fudge for the water vapor in the air.

    A run of the mill comet will have a radius of say one mile, and most of that might be snow and ice, with a density of say 0.25. That works out to roughly a cubic mile of water at normal density.

    So if the earth was hit by such comets 400 million times, it would have its oceans. And we’e assuming those collisions mostly occured 4.2 to 3.8 billion years ago. in the Late Great Bombardment.

    That’s one comet per year. Most of us, transported back in time, wouldn’t even notice.

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