3 comments on “Neil Armstrong Has Cleared the Tower

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  2. G’day,
    As an Aussie I was in awe of the American space program. It was the prime example of what dedicated men and women can do when inspired by great words and deeds. Neil Armstrong was the ultimate example of dedication, commitment and honor , as well as being a humble man who did not seek fame. We can all be inspired by his deeds.

    What a shame my comments are in the past tense. America needs to be bold again, for its own good as well as the good of the world. America needs to inspire us again with courageous deeds. It is Americas destiny to be great and to be an inspiration to others. America – you have been blessed don’t ignore the blessing you have had. You can regain your greatness and honor.
    Let Neil Armstrong’s passing ignite a new adventure in space to motivate and inspire all of us to reach for a better tomorrow. God bless America.

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