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The CosmoQuest Hangout-a-thon

A few years ago I got involved with an activity called 365 Days of Astronomy, which invited people to create podcasts about astronomy and publish them through the organisers. It was part of the International Year of Astronomy activities. It was a lot of fun and reached out to a lot of people. The organisers went on to create Cosmoquest, which is a sort of virtual laboratory where people from all walks of life can participate in citizen science initiatives. It also has a significant educational and outreach presence online and in “meatspace”.

In April, I wrote about the impending budget cuts that are threatening science outreach, particularly at NASA and the NSF. Those cuts also threaten folks like the Cosmoquest people, and even affect people like me who create science media for use in planetariums and science centers. So, I have that interest in seeing science research and outreach thrive, in addition to all the good reasons we need to do science anyway. And, when I got a note from Pamela Gay, one of the Cosmoquest honchos (honchettes?) about their Hang0ut-a-thon being held this weekend to raise money for science research and outreach, I immediately said “yes” when she asked me to let you all know about it.

They’ve got science discussions, interviews with various scientists and writers, and lots of other things going on. And, of course, they’re asking for your support. So, if you have a few coins (or a lot of them) to help fund science research and outreach, check out the Hangout-a-thon. They’ll be doing it through Sunday, so plenty of time to hop over and see what’s happening!


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