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  1. Well put Carolyn! It never ceases to amaze me how persistent these jokers are. One’s amazement of their preposterous claims is challenged only by the level of stupidity required to make and adhere to them. Alas, its a serious disease of culture not limited to moon-landing hoax-mongers – the amazing aspect is the intensity of the psychological refusal to accept evidence, no amount or quality of which will sway let alone soothe their chosen belief system. It’s just one example of the hideous consequences of the popular (and strongly promoted) cultural meme that encourages people to imagine that opinion are equivalent to scientific evidence – or worse, ought not to be refined by such evidence from natural reality, and that science (ever increasingly – and quite ominously – viewed as a product of big government) is to be distrusted if not despised. As I suspect you well know, it seems to be getting worse. That is a disquieting and daunting challenge writers and artists like you and me – those who are committed to help convey the wonders of nature as revealed by science to the public in a dignified and effective way – must, of course, endeavor to champion. We also know – or should at long last admit – that most scientists themselves, and their elaborate institutional ‘outreach’ programs, are evidently inept at making any discernible difference.
    Take care – adolf

  2. By the way – speaking of the ‘amazing’ capacity Hoaxers attribute to NASA and/or the film industry…Its a thing I happen to know a little bit about: Hollywood and its alleged imagination couldn’t pull off special visual effects at a scientific accuracy and intrinsic realism quality of that sort if their collective lives (or past lives) depended on it. No amount of money even today could buy that level of hard and consistent actuality recorded on film and video which was beamed back from the Moon. The whole notion is so ludicrous its difficult not to respond with uproarious laughter.
    take good care of yourself! 😉

  3. Adolph,

    Thank you for commenting. I agree about the difficulties of communicating just how cool science is in the face of exaggerations, denials, and outright lies from those who fear science and indeed, seem to fear learning about the universe. But, I keep plugging away. 😉

    take care and stay warm


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