Name a Crater for Dad’s Day!

Dad’s Crater Funds Education and Science Research

crater naming
Uwingu’s Name a Craterfor Dad page.

A while back I posted about the fundraiser that lets you donate money to scientific research and science education, and as a perk, you get to name a crater on a Mars map that will be used by the first Red Planet explorers. The project has been doing some innovate tie-ins with things like Mother’s Day (which I blogged about here), and now is offering the chance to name a crater for Dad for Father’s Day (which is June 15th). The proceeds will, as usual, go to deserving science research and education projects. So, if you’re looking for something unique to do for the Dads in your life, why not name a crater on the Uwingu Mars map? It takes just about no time to do, and costs as little as $5.00. \]

Want to know more about Uwingu?


It’s a unique for-profit company that is looking for new ways to let people personally connect with space, such as the crater-naming project or their earlier ad still ongoing exoplanet-naming contest, both of which have generated significant funds for teachers, scientists, and students to further pursue science exploration and study. The crowd-sourced map of Mars will be used by the Mars One mission participants as they begin their in-person exploration of Mars sometime in the next decade. I liked the idea so much that I purchased craters on the map and I like that my donation is going to help science.  The idea of pre-naming Mars features on usable maps is a good one. When the first explorers do set foot on the planet, having feature names in place already will aid in exploration and communication. I can imagine that those first Marsnauts will have more than enough to do as they explore and colonize without having to worry about place names, too. So, just as early scouts put place names for pioneers who spread out across unexplored lands on Earth, the Uwingu group is providing a similar service for the next Martians. The best part is, all of us get to participate by putting names on the map AND funding useful education and research at the same time. So, check it out! Maybe you’ll find a place for your Dad (and you) on the Red Planet!

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