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March in Support of Science: It Supports Us

march for science

The March for Science is this weekend, happening in cities around the country. It’s also Earth Day, which is a very appropriate time to show our support for all the science that helps us understand our planet, our galaxy, our universe…and ourselves. Attacks on science have intensified from our so-called “president” and his cronies, particularly against climate science. I am not sure if they’re just doing this to ensure campaign donations, lobbyist money, or really don’t give a darn about the environment. It could be some bizarre mix of all three reasons, plus some we don’t know about yet.  In any case, it’s time to show support for the people who do science and the incredible tasks they perform on our behalf. Without them our health, our homes, our tech, our families, and our planet would not be the same.

Want to show your support? March! The March for Science is uniting people across the political, spiritual, and scientific spectrum — bringing together scientists AND supporters of science. So, I encourage you to get out there and show support — we need our scientists and they need us! Check out the link above for the march nearest you; bring yourself, make a difference!


  1. Dave Fairchild

    I didn’t vote for Trump, but I don’t feel your phrase ‘so-called “president”‘ is either fair or accurate. He IS our president, just as much as Obama was (and I didn’t vote for him either).

    If we are citizens of the United States, then both of them are/were THE President, and OUR President, whether we approve of their decisions or not.

    And yes, I did vote in both elections

  2. C.C. Petersen

    Thank you for your comments; this is my blog and my opinion, so it stands. And, it’s President Obama. He, at least, was not chosen by Russians.


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