1. Hello Carolyn,

    It is a pleasure to “meet” you and view your blog. I would love to follow your posts and learn from you what I can! You appear to have some wonderful experience and credentials. I look forward to your future posts. I am a stargazer and astronomy enthusiast in Los Angeles, and just started a blog of my own. It’s brand new and still in the making, but I am enjoying it thus far. My hope is to help spread enthusiasm of astronomy to even the non-scientists. Feel free to join my blog and provide any of your suggestions.

    Your fellow LA astronomy friend,

    Bonnie Hardman

  2. Hello C.C.,

    I just discovered your blog, and I am really enjoying it! Thank you so much for making astronomy so accessible.

    I recently created a cool space project of my own, a to-scale (not distances) model of the solar system for my three-year-old daughter. Below is a link to the website I made for it, which has lots of pictures and some descriptions of the little games she and I play. It has been great re-igniting my childhood passion for astronomy with her, and even better to finally have an excuse to pretend to climb Olympus Mons as an adult. Enjoy!


  3. Hi there,
    With New Horizons heading closer and closer to Pluto everyday, I wanted to relive the story of Pluto…through song. I think your readers (and you!) would really enjoy this 15 minute comedy-musical I put together that is based off Mike Brown’s Why I Killed Pluto.

    I hope the team (and readers) at The Space Writer like it!

    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKnTpx46YSU

    I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear some feedback. The good news: Pluto Killer himself Mike Brown enjoyed it.

    Esteban Gast

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