365 Days of Astronomy!

Welcome to My 365 Days of Astronomy Pages.

Mark and I created a number of podcasts for the 365 Days of Astronomy site in 2009 and 2010, and I continued that work through 2011.

I wrote and narrated each podcast; the space music accompanying my voice is by Geodesium — the stage name of Mark C. Petersen, one of the world’s foremost space music composers. We are pleased to be able to contribute our work to such a worthy cause and invite you to visit our company Web pages at Loch Ness Productions to learn more about what we do.

Many thanks to the 365 Days of Astronomy crew for making this all possible!

My List of Podcasts

Occasionally I talk about objects that you might want to find in the night sky or see pictures of, and this is the page that links to each of my episode pages. Each of these pages will go live approximately a week or so before “air time” on the 365 Days podcast pages. They all contains links, images, and other supporting material for the discussions in my podcasts.  I encourage you to visit early and often and let me (and the 365 Days folks) know what you think! (My email address is in the column to the left.)

2011 Podcasts

December 6, 2011: Top Ten List of Great Sky Objects to Explore

November 10, 2011:  Galaxy Exploring

March 13, 2011: Space Music: Music of the Hemisphere

February 22, 2011:  Black Holes and the Cosmos

January 29, 2011:  The Light From Distant Galaxies

2010 Podcasts

December 13, 2010: Art of Space: Space Art Rules!

November 11, 2010: Lights Out!

October 13, 2010:  Astro-News: It Happens Every Day

September 19, 2010:  They’re Everybody’s Stars

August 15, 2010:  Mars: the Hoax and the Reality

July 19, 2010:  Where are YOU From?

June 14, 2010:  Astronomy and Literature

May 15, 2010: Happy Birthday, Griffith Observatory!

April 14, 2010:  What is Astronomy?

March 14, 2010:  A Field Guide to the Stars and Planets — A Review

February 14, 2010: Look for Me Up There

January 14, 2010:  You Can Do Astronomy

2009 Podcasts

December  22, 2009: A Tribute to Carl Sagan

November 25, 2009: The Case of the Lobate Scarps

October 22, 2009:  Armchair Astronomy

September 10, 2009:  Singing the Ultraviolet Blues

August 14, 2009: The Cosmos from the Outback

July  9, 2009: Measuring the Black Hole

June 20, 2009:  Magnetar the Magnificent

April 29, 2009:  The Big Picture

March 19 , 2009:  Living With a Star:  Space Weather and Its Effects

February 10, 2009:  We Are All Star Stuff

January 6, 2009:  Top Ten Reasons Why Astronomy is Cool!

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