Making Your Own Astronomy History

Your Guides to the Sky

Welcome to the page for my September 19, 2010 episode of 365 Days of Astronomy. Today I tell a couple of stories of young children who got turned on to astronomy and grew up to be astronomers.  They had to get started somewhere, and both were guided to a love of the sky by thoughtful adults around them.  One went out stargazing with her dad, another went to the planetarium with his mom.  Now, you don’t have to plan a career in astronomy to love stargazing.  Plenty of folks in all kinds of walks of life love to observe the sky and its many treasure troves.  If you’re bitten by the astro-bug, or you want to help someone in your life get the bite, here are some online sources for star guides, charts, maps, and space exploration information.

Amazing Space


Bad Astronomy@






And, there are many, many other places on the Web to learn about space. These pages are just a sampling — and each one has links to other useful sites as well.  Get out there and make your own history in space!

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