Space Art Rules!

The Human Touch, space art by Pat Rawlings for NASA.

Welcome to the page accompanying my December 13, 2010 episode of 365 Days of Astronomy.  The episode is called “Art of Space.”

I first got acquainted with space art when I started reading science fiction. Back then, I didn’t call it space art. I just thought it was a really cool depiction of the future. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate a wide range of painting and digital works, illustrations, graphics, and science visualizations that all fit under the term “space art.”  You will too, once you get started exploring the various space art web places.  Here are a few pages to get you started!

The International Association of Astronomical Artists — a group of space artists from around the world who have banded together in a sort of mutual support society. You’ll find galleries and links to individual artists’ Web pages here. — the place to go if you want to buy (or simply peruse) great space art. I often buy holiday cards from this Web site.  Among the artists they represent are Joe Tucciarone, Kim Poor, astronaut Alan Bean and many others. Definitely worth checking out!

Digital Blasphemy — the online home of Ryan Bliss, one of the best space artists I’ve seen.  I am a member, which gets me access to larger versions of his works.  Browse his many pages and enjoy!

AutumnStar — the online home of space artist and longtime friend Tim Kuzniar.  Check out his many different styles. Many of his works grace the walls of the celebrities they depict.

From TheCosmosGallery and Dacio Rivera. Check out his work!

Finally, many thanks to Dacio Rivera, of TheCosmosGallery, who wrote to me a while back about his enjoyment of 365 days of astronomy and the podcasts I’ve been doing.

Dacio is a space artist and a connoisseur of Mark Petersen’s Geodesium space music, which appears on all my 365 days podcasts.

Mark’s album covers all also feature space art — all created specifically by various artists for each album.

Have fun exploring space art and thanks for listening to my podcasts!

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