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The Cosmic Voice

Welcome to C.C. Petersen’s voice-over demo page!  I’ve worked on a variety of projects — from short- and long-form pieces to games, radio plays, and software packages. Recent clients include The International Dark-Sky Association, MIT Haystack Observatory, The Astronomical Society of the PacificAstrocast.TV, Software Bisque (for their “Seeker” product), Albedo Fulldome Productions (Barcelona, Spain,) and my own company — Loch Ness Productions. Also listen to my productions for 365 Days of Astronomy, a unique outreach program.

Entertainment projects include such groups as Giant Gnome Productions, Underbridge Productions, Dreamagination, and others. Below are samples of my voice-over work. If you’d like to have me narrate YOUR project, please contact me at cc.petersen@gmail.com! You can also visit my Youtube page.

Audio Samples

Science/technical narration demo (1 min.) 

This is a set of clips from a few of the many astronomy and space-science projects I’ve narrated. The projects range from software prompts to video podcasts about extensive new astronomy facilities.

Audio Book Demo (2:45 min.)

This is a set of clips for audio books and short story projects. I’m also available as a reader for technical manuals and related materials.


Character Demo (1 min.)

This is a set of quick clips from a selected set of voices I’ve done for video games, radio plays and other entertainment projects.

Video Samples

Here are samples of the videos I’ve produced, voiced over and appeared on-camera in over the past few years.

Space Weather FX Vodcast Series: Episode 1

Visit the Murchison Wide-field Array


From Astrocast.TV

I am a segment producer for The Astronomer’s Universe — a look at what astronomers are learning about the cosmos.

Watch all the episodes here and at Astrocast.TV.

I also produce a monthly stargazing segment for Astrocast.TV called Our Night Sky. Check it out!


Some Older Works — “Learning Projects” for AV Communicator

Let’s talk about Black Holes!

Visit Small Worlds of the Outer Solar System

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