The Last Man to Walk on the Moon Passes into History

R.I.P. Gene Cernan: Moon Explorer Today’s news that astronaut Andrew Eugene “Gene” Cernan died came just as I was finishing reading the book Fallen Astronauts. It’s the story of the astronauts and cosmonauts who died from the beginning of the Space Age up until the end of the Apollo missions. … Continue reading

Probing the Nearby Space Between Stars

The Value of Long-Term Observations of Space Space has an infinite number of stories, and they get told many different ways. It’s been a while since I’ve attended a press conference where Voyager observation results have been discussed. So, it was with great interest I went to a talk this … Continue reading

11.5 Weeks to Black Holes in the Distant Universe

X-rays From Black Holes Reveal Growth Over Time What do you think you could find if you pointed an extremely sensitive x-ray telescope toward a distant part of the sky for nearly three weeks? That’s the challenge that Chandra X-ray Telescope scientists took on. The result is the image on … Continue reading

Want the Car Alan Stern Drove While Heading to Pluto?

Alan Stern car

Help Lowell Observatory: Bid on Alan Stern’s “Second Fastest Vehicle” Okay, so my friend Alan Stern has been hinting around all week about something “cool” about to happen. If you’ve heard of him, you know he and his team of scientists and technicians pulled off something REALLY cool a year … Continue reading