Light Pollution and Me… and YOU


Keep our Skies Dark and our Outlook Good A few years ago we were honored to be asked to create a short video called Losing the Dark — about light pollution for the International Dark-Sky Association. It was produced for use in both fulldome theaters and flat-screen venues. It’s available … Continue reading

Hubble Space Telescope: 26 Years of Cosmic Wonder

Hubble view of the Bubble Nebula.

Exploring Hubble Space Telescope’s Cosmos It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Hubble Space Telescope roared into space in the cargo hold of the space shuttle Discovery, but the decades have flown by since that day in 1990.  It’s still going strong and, along with its sister observatories in orbit, teaching … Continue reading

Pluto and Ceres: Solar System Gifts that Keep on Giving

Haulani Crater on Ceres

Exploring the Deeps of the Solar System I gotta say: we live in a time of fascinating scientific discoveries in our solar system. We’ve been in a “golden age” of in situ planetary exploration that began in the 1960s. Now, well into the 21st century, space agencies around the world … Continue reading

Kepler Mission Goes into Safe Mode

Artist's impression of the planet Kepler-78b and its host star. Art by Karen Teramura (UHIfA)

Astronomers Diagnose Kepler to Salvage Microlensing Project Well this is a bummer. The Kepler spacecraft has gone into emergency mode, which puts it into minimal operations. That means, no science. The mission engineers have priority access on the Deep Space Network so they can communicate with the spacecraft. This lets them … Continue reading