27 comments on “Carnival of Space 88: Welcome to the Big Top

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  2. Hi Carolyn! Thank you for adding my link about secretive space launches :-) Wonderful Carnival, a great read!

    Was great to meet you at the AAS a few weeks back.

    Cheers, Ian

  3. Happy to have you aboard — and good to meet you, too! That was a hectic meeting; I actually ended up spending two extra days up in Pasadena meeting with some folks I’d worked with before, which was actually quite relaxing.

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  6. My pleasure!

    P.S. If folks like what they’re reading in this week’s Carnival, give it a Digg 😉

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  9. Yes it was. I knew that; must have mis-typed it. Thanks for noticing the typo. I’ve fixed it in the copy.

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  12. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for your comments on my Carnival post.

    I remember running into you a long time ago in Boulder at a Case for Mars conference…!

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  14. Hi Bruce — yes, that was probably in 87, or perhaps the one before that. We were both kids then, right? 😉

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