5 comments on “Who Names Planets? The IAU Doesn’t….

  1. Please see this page: http://www.uwingu.com/a-public-name-for-bb/

    The page displays a FB entry by Xavier Dumusque who, when he wrote it, was apparently under the impression that Uwingu is a non-profit.

    But this is not correct; Uwingu is a for-profit enterprise. And surely those running Uwingu knows that. The image of the FB entry is misleading; putting it online, and leaving it there for the duration of the (for profit) fundraising effort, are deliberate acts.

    Other aspects of Uwingu trouble me, too; the above is just one example. IMHO, any damage to Uwingu’s reputation has been inflicted by Uwingu.


  3. I think that Dr. Dumusque has written elsewhere that he still supports the project. I’ll have to see if I can find that again and post a link. I’ve been out on travel the past few days and need to catch up with other work, too.

    Uwingu has always been clear about what it is and what it does. The IAU has misunderstood, and I stand by my assertion that if someone has a problem with understanding something they see, it is up to THEM to get the facts by actually contacting Uwingu to get clarification. It’s called doing your homework/due diligence.

    Thank you for writing; thank you for reading the blog.

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